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Private Vs. White Label
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Author:  openiweb [ Thu Aug 14, 2008 7:00 am ]
Post subject:  Private Vs. White Label

Private VS. White Label

iWebTrack Differentiates with a Truly Private Label Reseller Opportunity vs. a Glorified Affiliate Program

GAINESVILLE, FL August 14, 2008 - iWebTrack Holdings Inc.,, comments on recent defections of other customers from private label analytic programs such as IndexTools after recent acquisitions by Yahoo.

iWebTrack is the only hosted web analytics company that offers a truly private label reseller program and has received inquiries from customers of other products wanting to switch solutions. IndexTools, ClickTracks and WebTrends offer reseller programs which despite being marketed as private label reseller programs, are merely glorified affiliate programs. IndexTools White Label as an example restricts reseller pricing as well as holding all the rights to their resellers’ customers. For this reason, the recent acquisition of IndexTools by Yahoo has resulted in White Label resellers’ data going public to Yahoo beyond their control, and with limited ability to switch their customers to a another better suited analytics offering.

Resellers pay fees to IndexTools on a per customer basis, and are restricted by a minimum and maximum value established by IndexTools. iWebTrack on the other hand offers a flat monthly fee with no pricing restrictions. iWebTrack provides resellers with the flexibility and the tools they need to truly make the product their own. iWebTrack Private Label partners have the ability to create special multiple pricing tiers, and craft their own customized web analytics package. iWebTrack bills reseller customers, under the resellers name, the appropriate amounts based on customized tiers and price groups assigned to them through their partners’ Authorize.Net account which fully integrates into the iWebTrack billing system. The end result is a fully customizable, hands-off billing process. In addition, iWebTrack also has an XML version to fully integrate into an existing front end, which is ideal for hosting companies, and others that may want to integrate iWebTrack Private Label into their existing products.

Customers of other programs have had their customer base held hostage and have had difficulty leaving with their customers without significant financial penalties or forfeiting their customer base. There are options available to those in this predicament though. For more information on solutions and iWebTrack Private Label, contact our sales team at or visit our site

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